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ENVUS provides a wide range of services to allow you to have a presence in Seoul. If your company does not need full-time office space in Seoul, but you still want a high-profile business address and many of the benefits that go along with it, our Seoul Virtual Office program may be ideal for you.

Perfect for Foreign Companies / Trading Companies / Small Businesses / Start-ups
Your mails, faxes and phones will be answered and delivered anywhere in the world.

One of our most advanced features is the ENVUS Secure net service that lets you check mails, packages, and incoming call history.
The Virtual Office Plan provides your business with the professional image of a full-time office.
We offer combined service plans.
Basic Silver Gold Advisors
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ENVUS Secure Net Service
The ENVUS Secure Net service lets you check mails, packages, and incoming call history.
Prestigious Address in Seoul
We provide a high-profile Corporate Address at Jongro Tower
Seoul Korea.
Secured Mailbox
Your receiving mail will be stored in a secured mailbox.
Mail Forwarding
Your mail will be forwarded by mail, overnight express delivery, or email photo scanning.
Fax Number & Forwarding
We receive, send and forward fax as instructed.
Phone Number
& Voice Mailbox
We provide your own phone number with digital voice mail.
Your call is always routed to your designated phone number,
voice mailbox, or secretary.
Live Answering
We provide live answering in your personal or company name.
Conference Room
We provide conference rooms in accordance with your business trip schedule (5 hours / month)
Temporary Office
We provide temporary offices in accordance with your business trip schedule (3 days / month)
On-site Assistant
We can even provide an on-site assistant in accordance with your needs.
Business Trip Support
We provide airport pickup, hotel reservation, and meeting place arrangements so that you can concentrate on your business.
Incorporation & Professional
Accounting Service etc.
Please see our ENVUS Services.
For more information about our Seoul Virtual Office program, please leave your inquiries at FAQ.