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ENVUS Business Plaza
Private office area with maximum security
Medium size meeting room
Audio & Video conference room
Main Information Desk
Front Information Desk
Lounge with a view of the
Heart of Seoul
Free arrangement of office furniture
Jongro Tower in futuristic
design & technology
Meeting rooms in various sizes
Private mail box
Stable VMS equipment
PENNWEST@34th Street
Meeting room in modern style
Functional utilization of space
Interior in stylish touch
Private Office area
Rooftop with a view of Manhattan
BATTERY@1 West Street
Meeting room with glass wall
Office area suitable for incubating new entrepreneur
Information Desk
Simplicity and efficiency based office area
Functional Reception Desk
Battery in Southern Manhattan
FINANCIAL@90 John Street
Stylish Reception Desk
Conference room with digital telephone and voice teleconferencing system
Conference room from small to middle size
Workstation for single maned company
Perfect blend of modern image
in 50's design
GALLERIA@57th Street
Business plaza in the heart of Manhattan